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You might be way ahead of me here, but I gotta say it: The new King’s X album is out! One of the world’s best bands. Can’t wait to see them again. If you didn’t know, they’re opening (I believe) for a reunited Extreme this year.

Hear clips from the new disc by going to the bands’ official site,, and clicking on Audio.

Now, whither the wood? Ty Tabor’s tone hasn’t exactly caused tonewoody’s over the years, even though he is a heck of a player. But Doug Pinnick, bass and vox — that’s a-nuther storee.

Pinnick’s pipes are legendary, as is his woody bass tone. His tone is “there” — round and full, not muddy at all, big but not overpowering. It fits perfectly in the three-piece, and probably would sound great in other bands too, assuming someone could cop it. But as with all great tone, it’s tough!

Here’s what he uses, courtesy of Note that he tunes down to C, but still gets that tight sound, I guess through EQ and the 10-inch speakers:

Basses: Two custom Yamaha 4-strings (tuned CGCF) with Seymour Duncan pickups; custom Yamaha 12-string with EMG pickups; vintage Fender Precision with Seymour Duncan pickups; medium-gauge DR strings.
Rig: Ampeg SVP-BSP preamp, Ampeg SVT-4PRO and Ashdown ABM 900 EVO II heads, Ampeg 8×10 cabinet.
Effects: Behringer EQ700 equalizer pedals.

Have to mention King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill. Very good. I’ve always liked drummers that play with the guitars (e.g., Gaskill, Alex Van Halen) instead of just locking in with the bass. The music and beats are much more interesting that way.

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