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I’ve started looking into Tommy Bolin. I’ve heard the name for years, but never looked into him. Still haven’t much, but when researching Bolin on YouTube, I found out that he must have replaced Joe Walsh in the James Gang, and my reaction was: Wait a minute. Joe Walsh? James Gang? There HAD to be some woodytone there.

Hell yeah, bubba!

(For all you Walsh fans, consider me better late than never.)

Here’s a clip of Joe playing the classic Walk Away. Les Paul, Marshall, that’s all (all that’s visible, anyway).

Here he is with the Eagles doing Funk 49, this time wielding a Tele. Ultra-dry, ultra-sweet, like…uh…some kind of expensive alcohol (sherry?).

Here in this Carvin promo, at 1:56, he talks about the importance of having a fixed bridge right down on the body, “just like the old Les Pauls.” Interesting.

For his back in the day (Live At Carnegie Hall) tone — woodytone — a Web search found this:

It was not two Marshall half stacks side by side (set up as wet/dry with the Echoplex ) at all as pictured on the Musikladden video [possibly referring to the Walk Away vid above]. It was a 100 watt Hiwatt stack that had been given to Joe by Pete Townshend. The guitar was a stock newer Les Paul with humbuckers. No vintage sunburst flametop yet at that point. When asked about the two amps set wet/dry, Joe said, “No, I never did that. It sounded funny live” and opted to run the echoplex directly into his one amp.

And there you have it.

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