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Not much, it turns out. You can usually count on to find some cool stuff. Recently they posted four vids of Seymour Duncan talking about various things.

Going from top to bottom, the first one is interesting if you want to know about how Seymour got into winding pickups. The second one doesn’t have much meat, and is only interesting if you’re a diehard Jeff Beck fan.

The third one is a little WoodyTone interesting in that he talks about how potentiometers (a guitar’s volume and tone pots) can change your sound, specifically going from vintage to non-vintage in the context of fiddling with Eric Clapton’s blackie guitar.

Based on the description, I got my hopes up for the fourth vid — I was hoping to hear Seymour talk in detail about the various tonal properties of Alnico magnets, specifically II through VIII, but it wasn’t there. Bummer.

As everyone here knows, Seymour Duncan makes some amazing pickups. Some think they’re the best, others swear by Dimarzio or one of the boutique pickup makers. The bottom line is that if you don’t have a good pickup — which also means the right pickup for your particular guitar and amp setup, as Eddie Van Halen has said — you won’t be hearing WoodyTone or getting a ToneWoody.

P.S. Today is Les Paul’s 93rd birthday. Thanks Les!

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