Gibson Dark Fire Kinda Cool

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Gotta admit, the vid looks pretty cool – in a techy kind of way.

What the heck is the Gibson Dark Fire? Until today, I had no idea other than it was a newfangled $3,499 MSRP Les Paul crammed with electronic gizmos, the shipping or QC (quality control) of which caused delays in shipping the guitar itself.

As a WoodyTone guy, I’m usually squarely in the camp of “F high-tech crap.” Give me wood, passive pickups and tubes, and I’m generally happy. Don’t need/want pleqing, don’t need/want onboard or outboard computers. Did Page, Van Halen, the Young brothers, SRV, etc. need that stuff?

All that said, the Dark Fire seems to be pretty cool – beyond just the ’70s pimp-like white Les Paul case, which I happen to dig. Plus, it’s made by Gibson, the same folks who, yes have had some well-known quality problems of late, but hey – it’s Gibson, and last time I checked that company was responsible for a heck of a lot of WoodyTone.

I don’t know everything the Dark Fire does, but it looks like it houses a ton of guitar sounds (many or all of which are analog according to the guy in the vid) and tunings (it tunes itself, at a speed that approaches Steinberger TransTrem speed). It does things like allow you to blend in Piezo sounds by individual strings. You can also download (and upload?) the sounds of famous guitarists, according to the Gibson Dark Fire website.

I’ll stop there. Can’t embed the vid (and nothing great on YouTube yet), so here’s a link to it.

Will it help produce WoodyTone? Time will tell – but while we’re waiting, I’ll take Billy Gibbons’ single P-90 goldtop.

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