News Roundup: Vox, Peavey, 5/8 Zep, F China!, RIP DR

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I’m a little burnt from writing my treatise for Monday’s WoodyTone entry, so here’s a WoodyTone-related roundup of “stuff.”

Vox Reading
Speaking of treatise, a new, definitive treatise on Vox amps is out – though the only person I can recall using a Vox amp in a rock context is Brian May.

Kennedy Did Try Out for ‘Zep’
In case there was any doubt, Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy did try out with 5/8 of Zep. Read about it here.

Peavey Hand-Built Amps
Though Hartley Peavey doesn’t exactly believe the “older is better” thing when it comes to amps (more on that in the future), apparently Peavey is sort of getting into the boutique game, as much as a huge company can, anyway. It announced at NAMM that it will now be producing three new hand-built amps: 50, 20 and 1.5 watts. No MSRPs yet. See the specs here.

F*** China!
Apparently guitar manufacturers are now getting serious about being ripped off by the many rip-off artists in China – who ironically were taught how to make guitars by these same manufacturers in their obsessively stupid desire to “cut costs.” Off the soapbox – here’s the link.

RIP Don Randall
Last but not least, Don Randall, “the marketing dynamo who gave Fender’s Stratocaster guitar its name,” Leo Fender’s business partner and music industry legend, died this month at age 91. RIP Don, and many thanks to you and Leo.

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