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Plus a gear explanation!

Another good find by the folks at, this time of rare Jeff Beck vids on YouTube. Gibson is promoting the new Jeff Beck signature oxblood Les Paul, so they’re naturally doing quite a few Beck-related items of late. This one is way cool for any Beck, Les Paul or tone fan.

Following are three vids. All are “Upp, featuring Jeff Beck.” The rest of the band members are, according to Gibson, “Stephen Amazing on bass, Jim Copley on drums, Andy Clark on keys, with Jeff filling the slot of guitarist David Bunce.”

In the middle vid, Jeff talks about his gear, but very generically because either the host didn’t know much about gear (did anyone back then?) or thought his audience didn’t. He doesn’t say anything interesting about the guitar or the amp (a small Ampeg combo), except for saying that he uses light strings. I wonder what qualified as “light” back then.

From the shot of the pedalboard you can see a rocker-type pedal to our left/Jeff’s right, which he doesn’t talk about. I’m going to guess that’s a volume pedal, but anyone know for sure? The wah obviously is a Cry Baby.

Then he talks about the boost pedal. Though he doesn’t mention it by name, it is a Sola Colorsound Overdriver (now selling for around $400 on eBay). If you are looking down at the pedal, the knobs are Treble (top left), Bass (top right) and Drive (middle). It looks like Jeff has all the knobs barely on. Presumably the Drive is up a bit, but not the Treble or Bass.

Then he talks about a weird bagpipe/wineskin/voicebox doohickey, which he proceeds to use on the next tune.

And according to this video interview, Jeff digs the repro oxbloods so much he may pick one up again, which would be cool.

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