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Of course he can! But apparently there’s some doubt out there, as if all the stuff Yngwie Malmsteen does is “flash” or whatever. I’ve heard him get made fun of in some guitar and metalhead circles, and I have to wonder why.

Yeah, he has been conceited over the years, but that seems to have mellowed. And you could argue that his ultra-fast Classical-inspired runs are a bit over the top. But he CREATED that genre, still has the chops, and has the talent, nerve and balls to SING Hendrix tunes. Plus it ain’t exactly easy to play a scalloped fretboard, and he has WoodyTone to the max.

Yes Yngwie has some obligatory professional rack stuff between his guitar and amp, but his sound is all Strat + Marshall. You can hear it, and he’s no doubt as good without plugging in or even with a completely dry sound.

Here are a few vids I ran across recently, but first his signal chain:

> Guitar: 1972 (or other ’70s) Fender Strat, alder body (I believe), maple neck/fingerboard, scalloped board, 21 super-jumbo frets.
> Pickups: DiMarzio HS-3 (bridge), DiMarzio YJM (neck and middle)
> Pick: 1.5 mm Dunlop
> Strings: Dean Markley or Fender Yngwie strings the following sizes: .008, .011, .014, .022, .032, .046 (.048 in the Dean Markley set).
> Cable: DiMarzio YJM Signature cable “tuned for Yngwie’s sound,” according to DiMarzio. Gold-plated DiMarzio/ Switchcraft plugs, Ferrari-red braided jacket double-shielded to reduce hum, interference, and noise.
> Effects: Various, including a Cray Baby, analog delay, Boss chorus and, most importantly, the Boss YJM3 overdrive.
> Amps: vintage Marshall 50-watt 1987 metal-panel MKII and 100-watt 1959 plexi heads; Marshall cabs with 75-watt Celestion speakers.

Now on to the vids. Props to Yngwie for keeping his chops up.

Yngwie “guitar tour” (drool) – Check out the way he treats those things!

Yngwie playing

Putting on a show doing Purple Haze

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  1. Guilherme says:

    He didn’t created neo classical shred … Jan Akkerman and Randy Rhoads created it

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