Inside Joe Bonamassa’s Rig

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I can’t say I’m a huge Joe Bonamassa fan – yet, anyway. But I am a fan. For sure he can play, he can sing and WoodyTone just might be his middle name.

Re: tone, a buddy of mine recently put me onto a great vid of Joe discussing his gear, which led me to another vid and another – you know how that goes. I’ll let the videos do the talking, but first a quick few Joe Bonamassa items:
> I caught a documentary I believe on PBS many years ago about a kid who could play the blues like nobody’s business. His father might have owned a guitar store? That was Joe. Glad to see he’s made a name for himself as an adult.

> I saw him live once, just as he was starting his solo career. I remember two things clear as day: He was an incredible player and had a great, throaty singing voice I wasn’t expecting, and one of the members of his band (the drummer?) played in Steve Morse’s band (not the Dregs), from which I concluded that Joe must have the goods.

> As you can see from the clips below, Joe is great on camera which is a huge bonus.

I will catch Joe on tour this year, and so should you. Remember, there’s never a good enough reason NOT to go to a show.

Joe’s amps and pedals – This clip made me want to get a GAS pedal (expensive!).

Joe’s amps, pedals and stage gear

Joe’s picking technique

Joe soloing

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