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Diehard Eric Johnson fans may have seen this one, but then again maybe not. My buddy Sean (thanks man!) unearthed this gem deep on the site – a vid of Eric going through his pedalboard, guitars and amps in the studio, and playing some stupidly amazing stuff.

I can’t really say much about it except that it’s 13 minutes long, and worth watching – with a guitar in your hands – at least…I don’t know…three or four times.

Wow. I know Eric Johnson is good, you know he’s good, but seeing it like this is great.

Couple quick quotes:

> “I like the old MXRs (Dyna Comps) because they seem to screw the direct tone up the least.”

> On his Echoplexes – “Yeah, it’s quite a feat keeping those going. I actually stopped using them, but I started using them again because they do this kind of cool thing to the sound – the preamps do….”

> “I’m trying to turn into a real man, where I can go with no echo [laughs].”

Amp details (I don’t know when the vid was produced so these details may not be current):

> Clean sound – 1960s Fender Twin Reverbs, one with JBL D-120s, the other with the original Jensens. Different speakers “fill in some of the EQ,” Eric says.

> Dirty rhythm sound – “Old” (he said) Marshall 100-watt head into an old Marshall slant cab which he “thinks” has four 30-watt Celestions.

> Lead sound – Marshall handwired ’69 into an old Marshall straight cab with “25-watt Celestions,” which I assume are greenbacks. Tough to tell, but looked like the settings were: Presence zero?, Bass 12 o’clock, Mids 9’oclock, Treble 9 o’clock or less.

Wish I could embed the vid, but you have to click it to get it. Here it is: the vid.

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