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Surfed around a little and picked up the following about George Lynch, for all the fellow Lynch-heads out there.

The New Mob

If you don’t have Lynch Mob’s first CD, Wicked Sensation – recorded after Dokken bit the dust – you should get it. The songs are great, if you like hard rock, and the guitar playing is just plain stunning (see vid below). Unfortunately, after the tour to support that disc the band changed and then eventually disintegrated.

Now it’s back, meaning George and original singer Oni Logan have buried the hatchet and have recorded a new CD. But original Mob (and Dokken) drummer ‘Wild’ Mick Brown  (now with Ted Nugent and Dokken) and original bassist Anthony Esposito (now with Ace Frehley) aren’t included.

Anyhow, brief update from George’s website:

The main recordings for the Lynch Mob album are completed. Basic tracks were recorded in February at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, Calif. This studio was the first professional studio George ever recorded in back in 1977.  The studio has remained virtually untouched since then and retains all its old school mojo, charm and history.  Many great albums have been recorded there (Metallica, Nirvana, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Rick Springfield, Elvis, Foo Fighters and dozens of others). The basics were recorded live in four days.

George was in need of oral surgery and was self-medicating with a combination of whiskey-soaked cotton balls and vicodin.  He spent a lot of time groaning on the floor in pain!  This was all caught on video…very flattering!

The band then moved over to The Office Studio with Brett Chasson and Bob Kulick to finish vocals, bass, percussion, and guitar overdubs.  The record is now in the mixing stages and we would hope for an early summer release.  The record is tentatively titled “Smoke and Mirrors” and its definitely the follow up to “Wicked Sensation.”  Oni’s killing it, coming up with the badass, old school melodies and hooks.  Scott tore it up on the drums and Marco’s a beautiful monster!  There’s also at least one instrumental as well.

George Around the Time of the Original Lynch Mob

More on the Super V Pickup

Picked this up from the GeorgeLynch.com forum (it does not have a separate URL), which appears to have died and been resurrected (though lost a lot of old, good stuff) over the years. More on George’s new-ish Super V Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pickup.

D.C. Resistance: 17.0 KOhms
Resonant Peak: 4.60 KHz
Magnet Type: Alinco 2 bar
Inductance: 8.3 Henry

“Marisala Juarez (MJ) from the Duncan Custom Shop was the person who assembled the three prototypes of the Super V. She told me that the basic design of the Super V was based off the original version of the JB, which used a gauge of winding that hasn’t been used since the original JB pickups were made long ago. Also, there were three different outputs and two different magnets in the three [prototypes], two of which were similar but with different amounts of winds.”

George’s tech apparently said: “The one that we liked best on the road was a lower-output version that was 12k with the alnico. George changed the approved design to the
higher-output version to be the finalized production standard for this pickup.”

A poster on the forum emailed someone else at Duncan who said, “The Super V will have similar tonal characteristics to the sh-11 [Duncan Custom Custom] – a warm and smooth top end (not overly bright), but will have more push. It has more response to harmonics and squealies.”

So here is the V vs. the Custom Custom vs. the JB:

Super V
DC Resistance [which many use as a gauge of output]: 17
Resonant Peak: 4.6
Magnet: Alnico II
Tone: no tone curve info published

Custom Custom
DC Res: 14.4
Res peak: 5.2
Mag: Alnico II
Tone: 7/7/3 (Treb/Mid/Bass)

DC Res: 16.4
Res peak: 5.5
Mag: Alnico V
Tone: 8/6/5 (T/M/B)

On Tooth and Nail George Used A…

“…Fostex X-15 4-track cassette recorder, and with the I/O of it, somehow, it contributed a great tone going into the Randall RG-80 [solid state] amp – and that Fostex machine ended up becoming part of George’s live rig for a little while. Pretty rinky-dink looking rig at that time but…it kicked ass.”

That was published on the Lynch forum by Lynch’s tech, Gerry. Sounds a lot like what Ritchie Blackmore did for years (for more on that, scroll down to Effects on this page).

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