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I’ve been listening to, and occasionally watching, this vid of Joe Bonamassa for about the last 3 days, ever since the good folks at thegearpage turned me onto it. It’s still giving me chills.

His playing is great. Super tasteful. Super soulful. Super tasty in a Jeff Beck sort of way. You can’t scurry up and down pentatonics and make it sound like that.

Woody tone is a given with Joe, and the song itself is just great. Simple, very simple, but good. Joe sings it in a different way – meaning a way that’s different than he’ll belt out the blues, which this tune is not. Not conventionally, anyway.

The dude is in the moment. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I am.

Video Notes

> If you just want to see the leads, watch the beginning and then come in again at 7:08.

> Oh yeah: If that guitar looks like an Ernie Ball Music Man, that’s because it is. More on it here: the Music Man 25th Anniversary guitar.

> Thanks much to SwampiSi, the poster on YouTube.

Joe Bonamassa – Mountain Time
Recorded at The Sage in Northeast England, April 22, 2009.

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