Three VH-Related Vids: Page/Les, Ed ’83, Unchained ’81

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We’re finally seeing sun here in Jersey for the first time in about 15 years, so it’s inspired a “head into the weekend with Van Halen” post. It’s Friday – I’ll keep it light.

Three vids: the first a short convo between Jimmy Page and Les Paul in which they discuss EVH; then a KILLER live solo of Ed’s in 1983; and of course, one of the best VH vids ever, “Unchained” from the 1981 Oakland show. I’ve seen it about 1,000 times and it still gives me chills.

And how about that pic above?

Enjoy the weekend.

Jimmy Page and Les Paul on EVH

Ed Guitar Solo, Caracas, Venezuela, Jan. 16, 1983

Unchained Live, Oakland, 1981

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