New Vid: Satch’s Pedal Settings, Plus New Axe!

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Seems like someone at Guitar Center had the common sense to grab a videocam and get Joe Satriani to talk about his pedals. And talk Satch does. He says why he likes each one, what settings he uses, what the pedals can do, even the order (a little) of his signal chain. Sweet!

And through it all he comes off like a nice guy/guitar tone knucklehead – just like us! (With a lot more chops.) Here’s the vid:

Also, here’s what Joe said about his upcoming new 24-fret (!) guitar from Ibanez, which he played on the new Chickenfoot “My Kinda Girl.” From an interview with Satch on

Joe: I’ve always liked the idea of having those frets up there but I never wanted to move the humbucking pickup. That’s always been the problem because the humbucking neck pickup really only works where Gibson stuck it on the Les Paul. To me, that’s the spot, and once you start moving it back towards the bridge it starts to become horrible-sounding. Other guitars that have had the 24 frets and they move that pickup, it’s like, you may as well get rid of it, you know? So I was determined to solve this. And what saved us was the DiMarzio Pro Track. Ibanez got this thing right up against the last fret. It’s amazing how they were able to do it. It’s got a little bit more generous cutaway to the body so you can get up there and play up there. We’re still experimenting with the bridge pickup. I’m thinking it might be a Norton, one of the pickups I designed along with the FRED and the Mo’Jo with DiMarzio.”

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