Brian May Loves Chickenfoot

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may_brian_ameridolThe following is from an entry on Brian May’s blog, edited for brevity:

“For those who like to ROCK – in a classic grassroots, frig-off, out-and-out real way – this is the new album you have to get.

“Chickenfoot are a new California ‘super group’ of wondrous musicians having a ball together and playing REAL rock music.

“Just reading the group lineup is enough to get your taste buds going. It’s a Classic Rock nerd’s dream (I proudly count myself in that category): the awesome Chad Smith (from Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums, undoubtedly one of the world’s finest; Michael Anthony (Van Halen), undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest bass players; on vocals Sammy Hagar (Montrose and Van Halen); undoubtedly one of the world’s great rock and roll vocalists, writers [and] guitarist front men; and – Jesus Christ – who would you like on guitar? Joe Satriani! Well, our cup overflows. A finer guitarist you can find nowhere on this planet.

“So, these guys play FOR REAL in the studio (and soon in a theatre near you) with no clicks, only big bangs. I have had this album in my car since I came back from LA doing American Idol. I raced down to [the] Sunset Strip where they were playing after the TV show was over to catch the end of the Chickenfoot show, and missed it! Very uncool. But I did come away clutching the new album in my hand.

“So – in the car? Well, it’s been a problem, really, ‘cos for a long time I could not get past track 3. Reason being…it’s so great. You just have to play it over and over again. It’s called “Sexy Little Thing” – a great, great, simple riff from Satriani. One of those riffs everybody wishes they had thought of. And then the colossal rhythm section kicks in…big, fat, rolling, growly bass, and enormous drums.

“Somebody’s gonna hate me for saying this, but I never quite felt [the] Chili Peppers’ records quite captured the truly monumental power of this guy Chad, who has become a great friend. On this record you truly get the full effect of this frightening virtuoso hard-hitter. There is a naked snare drum hit on this track which KILLS me every time it comes around. I have to turn it up and deafen myself every time – it makes me yell !

“Probably many people have seen me driving around town recently and screaming like a madman. Well, this is why.

“You get the same kind of feeling from Sammy Hagar as you did on the Van Halen tracks “Why Can’t This be Love” and “Best of Both Worlds” – pure excitement. He’s pretty underrated as a singer, in my opinion – never runs out of grit and top notes, or energy.

“Satriani? I LOVE hearing him play big, fat rhythm. He still shreds and burns, and performs impossible somersaults on the guitar. But that driving rhythm playing is…well, a total joy.

“Enough. Go get it, please. It will cleanse and refresh and energize you.”

That’s it. Quite an endorsement! And I loved the part about speeding away from American Idol to catch the ‘foot show….

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