Satriani Is Using Marshalls in Chickenfoot…

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…But Still No Intel About Joe and Peavey


Is Joe Satriani a Marshall man now? Has he forsaken Peavey or not? To bring you up to speed, here’s a brief, recent history of Joe Satriani’s amps:

> After using Peavey amps on and off for a while, Joe developed the JSX signature amp line with Peavey.

> He has used JSX amps in the studio (including on the Chickenfoot CD), and live both solo and with Chickenfoot.

> In June, while Chickenfoot was touring in Europe, Joe “contacted Marshall Amplification prior to the first show at the Nova Rock Festival in Austria in order to check out some new Marshall gear,” says Marshall. Joe subsequently was seen on stage in Europe using Marshall amps, not the Peavey JSXs.

> When asked about the switch by, Joe said: “What can I say? I guess I’m crazy. But, I’m just looking to achieve the best guitar sound every moment I’m plugged in, and that brought me back to Marshall Amps.”

> Peavey subsequently removed from its website references to Joe using the JSX in Chickenfoot (though Chickenfoot bassist Michael Anthony continues to use Peavey gear). At the time, Peavey would not comment on the situation, according to

> There was speculation that Joe was just using the Marshalls for Chickenfoot’s European tour.

> Then interviews were published in Guitar Player and on the website that seemed to indicate that Joe still was a Peavey man, even though no one put the Peavey/Marshall question to him directly. Turned out that the Guitar Center interview was done before the European tour, not sure about the Guitar Player interview.

> Now Chickenfoot is touring in the U.S., and Satch has been photographed several times using the same Marshalls as he used in Europe: JVM410 heads with Marshall cabs (not sure if the cabs are stock JVMs because Satch used Celestion greenbacks in his Peavey cabs instead of the stock Peavey speakers).

> The JSX amps, with Satch endorsing them, are still on Peavey’s website.

Here's a good shot of Joe's current amp line.

Here's a good shot of Joe's current amp line.


> Does Satch’s endorsement contract with Peavey specify Peavey amps for his solo work but not for band work?

> Are Satch and Peavey done?  If so, what does this mean re: the new 50-watt JSX that was in the works (supposed to be available next quarter) and which Satch used on the Chickenfoot album?

I guess we’ll keep waiting to find out.

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  1. Kmysle says:

    All pictures on this page show Joe using JVM 210H heads, not JVM 410H as stated. The bottom picture shows another amp at the right, probably an older JCM-head of some sort. The plot thickens!

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