NY/NJ Amp Show This Weekend!

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AmpShow_logoIf you live, I don’t know…8? 6? hours or less one-way from Piscataway, NJ, DO NOT miss the “New York” (like the Giants, it’s really New Jersey) Amp Show. It’s this weekend, June 5 and 6.

If you care about, are curious about or aren’t totally happy with your tone and amp(s), definitely go. If you’ve think you’ve heard the best amps in the world already, go – because unless you’ve heard the amps that will be at the show, you haven’t heard the best. The only reason I’m saying that is that I was at last year’s NY/NJ Amp Show, and it was freakin’ amazing.

Tone, tone, TONE! There’s more tone there than you literally can imagine if you haven’t heard it already. I can’t wait to drink it all in again – for that, $20 is a small price to pay at the door.

Here’s the “semi-final” exhibitor list as of May 31, according to the Amp Show website:

300 Guitars
Atomic Amps
Audio Kitchen Amps
Black Cat Pedals
Blues With Brains
BrownNote Amps
Budda Amps
Carol-Ann Amps
Celestion Speakers
DAR Powertone
East Amplification
Electroplex Amps
Emery Sound
Fane Speakers
Far East Electric
Fractal Audio AXE-FX
Fuchs Amplification
Goodsell Amps
Hahn Guitars
Hermida Audio
Jensen Speakers
K W Cabs
LSL Guitars
Louder & More Amps
Louis Electic
Mahalo Amps
Marshall Amplification
Mather Cabs
Nolatone Amps
Nikita Guitars
Phil Jones Bass Amp
Premier Guitar
Prymaxe Vintage
Probett Guitars
Pure 64 Amps
Reinhardt Amps
Satellite Amps
Solid Cables
Soloway Guitars
Sommatone Amps
Sweetwood Guitars
Tomaszewicz Amps
Tonic Amps
Tube Wonder Amps
Two Notes Eng. Torpedo
Voodoo Amplification
Vox Amplification
Warehouse Speakers
Wizard Amps

More may be announced, but that’s already more than enough.

When You Go

If you go, you may end up looking like this....

If you go, you may end up looking like this....

I’ll echo some of the recommendations I made after last year’s show (my first):

> Bring your guitar in a soft case or just wear the guitar with a Strap-Locked strap. I’m going to do the latter only because I could care less whether my already dinged-up Les Paul gets more dings. If your guitar is nice and you want it to stay that way, put it in a case.

> Bring ear protection if you plan to play loud (the amps are set up in hotel rooms) or think you’ll be anywhere within 100 yards of the Wizard room!

> Expect to wait, to have people impatiently wait behind you when you play, and not to meet the builders personally.

If you’re going for the first time, I highly recommend reading part 3 of my Amp Show review from last year. (To see and read about the amps I played last year, here are part 1 and part 2.)

I’m stoked! Here’s the address:

Embassy Suites Hotel
121 Centennial Ave.
Piscataway, NJ

I’ll be walking around with a blue “BassFan (as in the fish) STAFF” T-shirt and a beat-up natural-top Les Paul, so if you go, say yo.

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  1. @Bob453 says:

    Wish it was in Chicago! NJ is a little outside of my weekend jaunt range….

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