THIS Is Why EVH Is a Freakin’ Genius!

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I want a replica of this guitar....

(One reason, anyway….)

Studying Edward Van Halen, even just the stuff on the first six records, to me is like studying the universe or reading the Bible or whatever your best analogy is: The more you delve into, read, etc., the more you get out of it and you never know it all.

Lately I’ve been on a kick to really figure out (in 5-minute sessions, lol) the tune “Take Your Whiskey Home.” One of my favorite VH tunes, from the opening jet-fuel acoustic blues riffing, to the stuff Al does on the cymbals to give the tune the groove it has, to the solo.

The solo! Holy crap!

Don’t know if Ed was trying to make the guitar solo sound drunk in reference to the Whiskey part of the tune or he actually was bombed or what, but it’s freakin’ insane! Check this out. This guy does the best job of it I’ve seen/heard. Quick warning that he loves the F-word:

So: blues riffs at like 300 rpms with crazy stuff and the whole “falling down the stairs and landing on his feet” timing thing. Nuts!

Another One

“Push Comes to Shove,” another great tune, this time off Fair Warning. The guy below does a decent job with the solo – or maybe it’s a good job considering how unconventional it is.

Wow. Try making something like that up, let alone tunes, albums, the whole 3-ring circus over decades. Crazy talent, man.

Gotta say that I’m not one of those guys that is nuts about figuring out solos, solos, solos and to heck with the rest of the song. These are just two examples of what fascinate me about Ed. Crazy, crazy creativity.

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  1. dougsteele says:

    Wow, nice of you to post my clip. I think the PCTS guy will be equally stoked. Someone was kind enough to let me know from the classic vh forum. Anyways, I love Ed and the first four albums very much. My mid life crisis is the EVH guitars, and going back over the songs and solos I love so much and showing others what my ears have shown me. I think I have about 8 hours of EVH songs and solo dissections on youtube. So feel free to get stuck into all that shizz.

    Cheers Admin, you have made my day!!


  2. Sam says:

    Those are both great. Also check this guy out nailing Hang Em High:

  3. SHG says:

    DS, that’s a very tasty rendition. Well done!

    Regarding the original, it’s pretty obviously pasted together from more than one take. So Ed didn’t actually play in the studio what we hear on the track (or what DS has done such a great job of replicating).

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