Jet’s ‘Cold Hard B*tch’ Gear

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Heard a tune on the radio the other day, my ears picked up right away. Only when it got to the chorus did I realize I’d heard it before – guess I dismissed it at the time. “It” is the tune “Cold Hard B*tch” by the Australian band Jet. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but give it a fresh listen:

Not a heck of a lot of chops, but that’s some wood right there!

Tried to chase down their gear for that tune – sounds a lot like what they’re using in that vid, but couldn’t get anything definitive. At the time, here was their live setup (thanks to a thread at

> Nic Cester (singer, guitar player): ’70s Gibson ES335 > Hiwatt head > Marshall cab (looks non-vintage)

> Cameron Muncey (guitar only): a “big and heavy” Gibson Flying V > ’70s 50w master-volume Marshall > Marshall cab

Not sure how those rigs could sound unwoody, even in semi-capable hands, but props to the engineer and producer on that one.

Cameron said they mix it up a lot gear-wise in the studio, and you can for-sure hear other tones on other tracks from the same album CHB is on (Get Born). But again, that tune sounds like those rigs.

Live Adds

In the vid you can see a pedal or two for a sec. Couldn’t tell what they are (you?), but a guitargeek thread had this info:

> Nic: Ibanez TS-9 (Tube Screamer), an unknown Sans-amp/Tech21 pedal, a Crowther Hotcake, a Boss TR-2 trem pedal and a Boss TU-2 tuner.

> Cameron: Ibanez TS-9, Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive, Boss TR-2.

Not sure how current that info was, but there you go. Word is the dirt was from the amps, and the pedals were mostly for leads, but I hear it a bit differently here:

Listened to a few more of their tunes on YouTube – didn’t hear anything as rocking as CHB. Kind of a bummer.


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