Jake E Lee Lives!

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Seems like Mark Twain, rumors of Jake E. Lee’s demise were greatly exaggerated. At least a little, anyway.

Bud of mine hipped me to this a while back, been meaning to share it. He didn’t tell me why I was watching it. And after listening to the ’80s-like (but maybe a little better?) mid-tempo thang, I was wondering pretty hard – until 2:14.

That’s Jake!

While back the interwebz were lit up with rumors about drug use and all kinds of stuff. Not real surprised (rumors? internet? no way!), but glad to see he seems to be fine – and have his chops, though I wish he unleashed ’em a bit more here.

If you followed Jake’s career at all, after Ozzy he seemed to have to be almost forced into just about every musical project – “seemed” being the operative word, who really knows – including the awesome Badlands. Hopefully he’ll jump back in with some guys who can still blast away. Not sure if that’s these guys or what…but maybe this says it all:


> That Les Paul Junior-looking guitar he’s playing is a Les Paul Special – I believe it’s basically a Junior just with twice as many pickups and knobs. Those are P-90 pickups which were original to those guitars – awesome! The current ones Gibson makes have humbuckers. No surprise Jake likes Gibsons. His Strat-shaped guitars back in the day all had Gibson-scale necks.

> In a vid that’s not worth watching of a Vegas band called 3 Day Crush, Jake is playing a Gibson SG into an Orange head into some kind of 4×12 cab.

> You may not have heard this one before (1994):



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  1. Rob says:

    FYI, it was only Jakes ESP signatures that had Gibson-scale necks.
    The b/w charvelized Fender was indeed a genuine Fender neck,
    although thinned out :)

  2. Chuck says:

    Jake Rocks!

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