Masterpiece Revisit: ‘Over My Head’

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What a freakin’ great band King’s X is. Just amazing. Often said one of the best bands never to “make it,” which I guess means get too rich for your own good, battle alcoholism, and at least once get divorced and/or issue an album of complete shite.

Okay, not in every case, but you get the drift. Luckily for us fans the guys in King’s X have avoided all that. (On that note, gotta mention that drummer Jerry Gaskill is still looking for help with med bills related to the serious heart attack he suffered earlier this year. For a $20 donation on the King’s X website you get a download of a live June 12, 1991 show which is KILLER, but don’t be afraid to give a bit more.)

Anyhow, give this tune a re-listen. Saw a guy on YouTube jammin’ it, so I decided to figure it out – or probably re-figure it out…been a while). WOW what a tune, and awesome axe-slinging. Or, should really say that the guys are all great musicians, including singers, so it’s all great. Here’s the proof:


That’s enough for the weekend right there! But since this is gear-related and axeman Ty Tabor is obviously playing a weird-looking Strat, here again is his gear rundown from this prior WoodyTone post:

> Fender Elite Strat, an ’80s, CBS-era Strat with active pickups, an onboard preamp and three buttons instead of a five-position pickup switch.

> Ibanez DD200 rack delay and Alesis Midiverb II for chorus.

> Solid state Lab Series L5 amp fed into a power amp. Word is Ty got mids and highs from the L5, then EQd for more low end.

See ‘Em!

Looks like King’s X will be touring the States this fall with Kansas. Woo-hoo! I’ll be there fo sho. Do yourself a solid and don’t miss it. They’re awesome.




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  1. Mark says:

    Kings X is just off the chart (unfortunately, never long ON the charts!). Three monster musicians absolutely throwing down. Really unique tones, great songs. 12 string bass just adds a LARGENESS to this track that is not of this Earth. That’s my main instrument, 12 string bass. (along with 8 strings and a Fender Jazz) The noise that these 3 boys make is truly special. It’s not exactly “Woody”, but you should check dUg Pinnick’s rig at Absolutely monstrous!

  2. T.L. says:

    Gery and Ty have both been divorced, and the last few albums have sucked badly. ‘Still a seriously talented band, and Ty is one of my all-time favorite guitar players…

  3. Vinnas says:

    Is the chord by the end of the main riff a X7/#9 one (the ‘JIMI’ chord)?

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