Proto JB = Super V: Now THIS is a pickup review!

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SuperV_vidWhy have I crawled out from under my rock to post on what still is a pretty highly-trafficked blog? (Cool!) Stumbled across a review of the George Lynch-designed, Seymour Duncan-produced Super V pickup on YouTube – and it’s frickin’ great!

No secret that most guitar-stuff reviews on YT suck. Some of that’s because the reviewer can’t play, and wouldn’t know what good tone was to save his/her life, and is grossly misinformed by the interwebz.  Some is because it’s just “masturbation” – done for themselves, not for us. Some is because people have the camera presence of a tree stump or crack-addicted chipmunk or whatever – or seem that way, which makes reviews tough to do and tough to watch.

Not this one, folks! It clocks in at a long 11+ minutes and is worth every…minute. Enjoy, and btw: Who knew the Super V, which sounds killer, is based on a prototype of the original and widely used JB? Awesome. WANT!

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  1. Oh man, I am super glad that you like it. What’s a trip is that I am a pretty big fan of woodytone… you don’t know how many hours I’ve spent scouring this site for information. woodytone is the first place I go to when tone seeking… I consider it the top of the information heap. Plus, your writing is always fresh and engaging. Love what you do man and I am completely humbled by your kind words.

    I couldn’t have achieved that tone without you, so a big ol’ personal thank you is in order for all of your dedication and hard work. – zenmindbeginner

  2. T.L. says:

    Most of those songs were originally recorded using a Duncan “Distortion” pickup, which is a hot, ceramic magnet pickup.

    I like my JB, and Screamin’ Demon pickups…

    • Absolutely! Most were recorded with what is affectionately known as a “Dokkenbucker” which is a custom wound Duncan Distortion but the stuff off of Tooth and Nail definitely is a stock Distortion.

      I am a HUGE JB fan and always really enjoyed the tone of the Screamin’ Demon but seemed to need a bit more output out of it for leads. I’ve always wanted to combine the Screamin’ Demon’s rhythm capabilities with the JB’s lead performance for the ultimate pickup. I can honestly say that the Super V is the best of both worlds of the Screamin’ Demon and JB… I think that it might be one of the most “perfect” pickups out there.

  3. SHG says:

    Not a fan of this tone, I’ll take a real JB for that tight upper-mid tone.

  4. Bad TX MoFo says:

    this is another example of Geoff making me think 2x about a pickup I’d not otherwise considered.

  5. jim says:

    I caught the live show where he was using his new pickup, and eyed one prior to show at the fold up table for sale booth but after the show definitely was not interested in the pickup. I’ve seen George a dozen times live and this amp and pipckup combo was the leas cutting and toney. It has a scooped midrange and no high end spank. Pretty cardboard and boring sound compared to many of his other earlier tones. although his other Duncan demon pickup was also very middy but at least that had a cool garbled trunck down a gravel road quality. the new pup is bland, cardboard’s the best term I can think of. the best tone he ever got live was when I heard him with his broadcaster through his old marshall and the hiwatt cab. killer tones that night !

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