If you’ve arrived at this page it probably means you’re an artist, artist’s representative, work for a music company or manufacturer – or some other category I’m forgetting (apologies) – and want to know more about who I am.

I’m in my 40s and have been playing guitar since I was 13 (in bands through college). My favorite players are all classic rockers, notably many of the artists I and others write about here.

I do all my own work on my guitars, but not amps, so I know my way around there. I’ve played and owned many different amps and guitars, and have researched many more. At the moment in time I’m writing this I own eight electrics, a few acoustics, about a dozen stompboxes and too many/not enough amps. I’m always searching for tone and Jonesing to try out new gear, like any enthusiast, but I have enough experience to have some opinions and know what I like.

Professionally, I’ve always been involved in the media business. I started as a newspaper journalist in New Jersey, where I live now. From there I went on to grow a private publishing company in Washington, D.C. for eventual sale. In 2001, I started my own web publishing business covering competitive outdoor sports, which became the largest such business in the world. I sold it in mid-2007 to an NYC investment firm. Somewhere in there I also managed to get a novel published, which resulted in a movie development offer – which I guess counts for something (not sure what) – and co-hosted an ESPN TV show I co-developed, believe it or not.

If you’re curious about the gory details, some of them are on my company’s website, SASQ Media.

I’m an entrepreneur who focuses on enthusiast media, and WoodyTone falls squarely in that realm. If you’re wondering why I’m spending time on a “non-profit” like WoodyTone, it’s because I enjoy it, I’m passionate about it and no one else is doing it…because it seems that other folks – especially magazine and TV folks – in this space don’t seem to get it.

Hopefully you have some sort of comfort level by now. Regarding confidentiality, I can tell you that I and my companies have covered everyone from “average Joes” and small “mom-and-pop” manufacturers to executives at billion-dollar companies and celebrity athletes. Confidentiality was never breached and sources were never burned (contrary to the impression the mass media gives, this isn’t really that difficult!).

If you’d like more reassurance regarding product reviews specifically, I can tell you that I and my former company reviewed products all the time, everything from few-dollar items, to four-figure pieces of equipment, to five-figure boats. Never had an issue. Also please note that we are delivering media to enthusiasts who WANT to be enthusiastic about their passion every day. Negativity has no place in that, so if we don’t like your product, we’ll let you know and won’t right about it.

WoodyTone has been publishing since the beginning of 2009. Not long, but thanks to its depth and quality it’s already built up a pretty huge following of hardcore tone knuckleheads and classic rock fans. It’s the biggest gear blog in music, and one of the top ones in non-pop music in general. You can check out WoodyTone’s traffic and demographics at quantcast.com.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout at jaykumar AT woodytone.com.

- Jay Kumar