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Never heard of Buddy Whittington? I hadn’t either until I stumbled across a post about him on a guitar chat room recently. I’m glad I clicked on the YouTube link. Buddy has it all, and then some: chops, WoodyTone to the bone – and pipes!

From what I could discern through a little surfing, sounds like Buddy plays in John Mayall’s band and has a new CD out.

Following is all you need for Buddy to make his own case. The first video (with Lentz guitar and Dr. Z amp) is an appetizer. The second vid is, IMO, absolutely great – but unfortunately can’t be embedded. Enjoy.

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  1. BonesClardy says:

    I bought Buddy’s CD last December and I still play it all the time. If you have soft spot for old Cream, ZZ, and maybe a little Shadows (Hank Marvin), BB King, SRV and on and on, this CD will knock your head off. Killer vocals, killer lead licks, killer slide, and killer well written songs. Every song on the CD is great and every lick well placed and tastefully played. Great finger and vocal vibrato. Buddy might be the best 50ish white blues singer in the business.

    I read on his web site that he goes out on tour with Gary Moore in April of 2009. I went to Gary Moore’s web site and it says “special guest Buddy Whittington”.

    A great testament to a great Texas guitar player that does his own thing. You will hear everyone that influenced the guy in his style, but he is no knock off. The real deal folks.

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