Fun Friday: Woody Gear on eBay

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Just for kicks, and so you can see how much money some things cost, here are a few examples of mostly-vintage, toneful gear that have sold on eBay recently – meaning if they sold 2 years ago, or a couple of years from now, maybe they would’ve gone for more. And no, I didn’t buy (or bid on) any of it. But I was tempted by the pickup….

Original Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster
Dated 1965 or 1966, auction ended Feb. 26, $1,375.00 + $15.46 shipping.

Auction description: This is an original Dallas Rangemaster treble booster with original curly cord. Sounds amazing, very smooth and full of its own tone. Hard to describe. I’ve played it through my Marshall Bluesbreaker and it is “that” sound with a PAF Paul. An amazing collectable and very toneful unit. Purchased out of England in this condition about 10 years ago. Who knows who used this one. It has been gigged with for sure, but sounds amazing.

Circa 1969 Uni-Vibe Clean Original7584_12
Auction ended Feb. 8, $2,076.50 + $10.00 shipping.

Auction description: circa 1969 original Uni-Vibe. Early original model with double pad pedal. Incredible sounding and one of the cleanest we have ever seen. The pedal works fine and sounds great.

Joe Perry’s Gibson GA30-RVS Goldtone Combo Amp
Auction ended Mar. 9, $3,400.00 + $75.00 shipping.

Auction description: Touring and studio combo amp from Joe Perry’s personal collection. Used in the studio for the making of the Just Push Play record and one of the amps used on the Just Push Play tour 2001. There were several of these amps used, making a wall of them in Joe’s live rig. More combos and extension cabinets will be up for auction soon. Joe is happy to sign the item if you want. Regardless, a letter of authenticity will be included in the sale, as well as a photo of Joe signing the amp if you choose to have it signed.


The amp is a Gibson Goldtone GA30-RVS. It is an EL84-tubed, Class A British-made combo with great reverb. Trace Elliott was the manufacturer for Gibson. The amp was made in the late 1990s. It’s in very good condition, a couple of small nicks in the tolex from the tour, but that’s it. I have been Joe Perry’s personal guitar tech for the last 17 years. All tours, all records. I personally cared for this amp. It sounds cool! Check out the tone on the Aerosmith “Rockin’ the joint” live CD.

1978 Mighty Mite Super Stud Charvel EVH era pickup
Auction ended Mar. 30, $100.00 + $15.00 shipping.

guitar_parts_mighty_mite_pickup_super_stud_red_wAuction description: Here is an original 1970s Mighty Mite Superstud pickup. It is very RARE in that it is RED! High output, 13-ish ohms. This model pickup was used in the original Mighty Mite catalog displayed in a black and white striped Van Halen graphic guitar…so this model MUST be the Mighty Mite model most closely related with THAT tone. LOL! Hookup wire is about three inches long.

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