Mr. Scary Building One-Off Scary Axes

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He’s Also Winding the Pickups Himself

George Lynch, aka Mr. Scary, is now creating scary-artistic versions of his signature ESP Super V guitar, as noted by the good folks at

On George’s website, the guitars are billed as being “100% tricked out” by George, and for sure they are. They look cool and probably sound cool – but are expensive! The guitar dubbed “Evil Western,” listed on George’s site for $7,500, was recently on eBay for $5,000 but received no bids.

That’s a steep price given the shambles of an economy that we have now. It also bumps up against the original price (not the resale price) of the EVH Charvel guitars sold a few years ago, striped and played by Edward Van Halen.

So maybe it’s not the best time to intro these guitars nor the best price point, but still they’re cool-looking (if western is your thing) unique guitars, and it’s cool that Mr. Scary is doing it all himself – including hand-winding the pickups (see below for more).

Anyhow, here’s what George had to say about it, from the eBay listing:

“After years of playing guitar and working with various woods, pickups, strings [and] every aspect of the guitar, I’ve decided to build my own. I felt it was time for me to have a hand in all aspects of my creation and vision. I felt it would be more meaningful to create a product in which the ‘process’ of creating the guitar and its theme would be the most important aspect. This way the fans would know how much time and effort spent on that guitar exclusively.

“[Each guitar] is built from the highest quality of mahogany ESP Super V George Lynch Signature Series model. The guitar consists of a 3-piece body and 1-piece neck. The guitar’s hardware is uniquely distressed. The pickups are also uniquely wound and engraved individually by me. The neck is a wide and flat gun-oiled-sealed neck [and is] dressed with Dunlop 6100 [jumbo ]fret wire.

“Additionally, my guitars come with a Certificate of Authenticity, hardshell case, a dvd of me building the guitar and winding the pickups, and all the particulars regarding specs, playing guitar live, etc. My signature, the serial number and the name of the guitars are engraved into wood under the pickups and under the control panel.”

The tone descriptions of the Evil Western and of the Head Hunter guitar (on eBay now) are the same: “The tone of this guitar is extremely warm, dark and chunky, and the unique pickups personally wound by me add the perfect ‘spank.'”


He also said this in response to people who inquired about the Evil Western:

“I’m no luthier, I just build what I like. I had to take 2 months off due to back surgery so I keep myself busy creating these guitars and my art pieces.”

“I work on these whenever I have time and will probably continue indefinitely as long as there is some interest out there for me to continue. I love creating these and watching them evolve.”

[On aging the guitars and hardware]: “Lots of belt- and hand-sanding, painting/stain and blow-torching, and some wood-burning as well. The metal is distressed with muriatic acid, etching solution, sanding and blow-torching, etc.”

George also has an altered Super V called the Desert Rose (check out the skull in the neck pickup slot!), making three known Mr. Scary Customs so far.


Mr. Scary Makeovers?

Last but not least, he said: “I’m going to be offering modifications to players’ existing guitars as well. Look to for updates/info on that.”

Send your axe out to George for a Scary makeover? Kinda cool.

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