Alex Lifeson’s 2010 Amp Rig

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Below are two recent vids posted by German amp company Hughes & Kettner going over Alex Lifeson’s 2010 Time Machine tour Rush rig. In brief, he’s running two Lifeson TriAmp MKII heads and one programmable H&K metal amp called the Coreblade (sounds like a ’90s SciFi novel). The Coreblade appears to have replaced the H&L Switchblades that were in his Snakes and Arrows rig.

He notes that kicking in the Coreblade on a few songs makes it sound like there’s another player on stage, giving the guitar a bigger footprint in the mix.

Each amp runs into a Palmer speaker simulator, then into the PA, and each also has its own 2×12 in the steampunk “cabs” (more like furniture) behind Alex.

Alex has had consistently good live sound – can’t wait to hear it this year!

The Vids

The first is with Alex, who goes over what’s on-stage. The second is with Alex’s tech, Scott Appleton.

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  1. David Arroyo says:

    Saw Rush at the Gibson Ampatheater, A couple of weeks ago, and the steam punk amps were awesome, what a part of the show. In case you were wondering. (spoiler warning i guess) His main guitars where Al and a Cherry sunburst Les Paul w Piezo. He also played a tabbacco burst Les Paul W. Peizo. other guitars were a PRS with a bridge single coil for time stand still, Big AL for Stick it Out, his old black PRS CE for leave that thing alone, A Les Paul Custom for 2112, a mandola, and a 12 string for the intro to Closer to the Heart. And of course he pulled out his White 355 for Far Cry and the Encores. Just thought you'd like to know.

  2. Moo Kahn says:

    Alex – I never heard you live until this tour,and I was blown away to tears with how absolutely amazing it was. A week later – still processing what I saw and heard.

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