Bert Jansch and Jimmy Page: Listen

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Heard on the radio the other day that UK folk-ish/acoustic guitarist Bert Jansch died. Hope it doesn’t sound callous but..had no idea who the guy was and wasn’t compelled to find out until the radio person said he was a big influence on Jimmy Page.

Then they played part of an acoustic tune, and my ears stood up: Man, did it sound like Black Mountain Side. Hmm.

No gear deets to share, just some ear treats. Check it and enjoy – and note the obvious name similarities.

Bert Jansch, Black Waterside

Jimmy Page, Black Mountain Side

RIP Bert.


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  1. TJ says:

    I became interested in Bert Jansch a few years ago for the same reasons. Once I heard he was a big influence on Jimmy Page I had to check him out. Most of my favorite Zep songs are acoustic numbers after all. I recommend everyone have a listen to Bert Jasch’s self titled album. Amazing songs and some fantastic guitar playing. Sad to see such an amazing artist pass away.


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