Sarzo’s Idea Cool, But…

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Recently Rudy Sarzo, bassist of ’80s Quiet Riot and Ozzy/Randy Rhoads fame, announced a new contest. In it, participants can write a song on their own, with Rudy then picking a winner and doing the bass lines, or write a song using pre-recorded Rudy bass lines.

It’s a cool idea, with prizes from Jackson, Ampeg, Peavey, Line 6 and others, but I think it misses the mark a little — a “big” little. In other words, just come right out and say, “hey all you Randy fans, write a Randy-esque tune and whoever does the best job — MXR Distortion+ and all — wins!”

The contest is supposedly being held “to celebrate [Rudy’s] new book, Off the Rails: Aboard the Crazy Train in the Blizzard of Ozz,” so we’re talking about music of that era. And I’m willing to bet there are some truly amazing Randy-fan players out there. I’d also be willing to bet that a majority of the buyers of that book are buying it because they are Randy fans.

Regardless, there’s an unspoken Randy component to this contest, so if you feel like your chops are up to it, here’s the contest page and here’s the page on Rudy’s site about the book — which I will be getting (for Christmas)!

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