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I was wandering through Wal-Mart’s music section the other day, trying to politely refused my son’s repeated requests for a Def Leppard DVD, and found a couple of Zep tribute discs. The first one I listed to was “Contemporary Blues Interpret Led Zeppelin,” put out this year.

It’s cool. Some of it is about what you’d expect, and what I wasn’t really looking forward to since I’m more a rock guy than a blues guy, but some of it isn’t, and that’s always the best stuff. Here’s a breakdown of the disc:

Heartbreaker — Alvin Youngblood Hart — cool backwards-sounding lead, cool outro. Nice version.

Custard Pie — Derek Trucks, Eric Gales, Matt Tutor — no slide guitar, awesome jam, great.

All My Love — Walter Trout and Michael White — I can only focus on how much Michael White sounds like Robert Plant.

You Need Love — Joe Louis Walker and James Cotton — Make you realize just how bluesy Zep’s stuff was because it works as pure blues.

Since I’ve Been Loving You — Otis Clay — a blues song on the original, a blues song here.

Bring It On Home — Robert Lockwood Jr. — hepped up blues tune.

You Shook Me — Jimmy Hall of Wet Willie — good.

Whole Lotta Love — Pat Travers — that’s right, I said PAT TRAVERS! Sweet. Just sweet. Crazy slide and bongos in the break. It works, believe it or not.

Trampled Underfoot — Eric Gales — funky tune made funkier. Eric is a huge talent, in my opinion, and does this tune

Tea for One, Joe Bonamassa — 9:34, big sound, lot of soloing, not blown away even though Joe is a great player.

‘Cause I Love You, done by a little-known artist named Jimmy Page. Have to admit I don’t know this tune, but it sounds like a Kinks song.

All in all a worthy $6.00 investment.

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