Ace Finally Has a Website! (But…)

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Ace Frehley, one of my heroes (my first guitar hero) and a guy who always seemed to want to do high-tech stuff even before there was such a thing as high tech, finally has a website. Yeah! But…

…while it’s very cool to go to and hear his tune Ozone auto-play (as well as see pics of the man himself), the website is…well…somewhat 1999. Or maybe it was built by a nephew, or a friend of a friend – whatever the case, it’s not a “Web 2.0” masterpiece, like you would hope for and maybe even expect from the 2000 Man.

But it’s damn sure better than nothing, and like all web projects it will probably evolve. There are a few “coming soon” notes, like merch in 2009: “Get your PayPal account ready!” says it all. I’m ready, Ace! (Hopefully the economy is too.)

There’s also something very intriguing – a page called “The New One,” with a blank space and the letters “XXXXX” underneath. New CD maybe? Looks like it could be cool.

If I could put in just one request, it would be photos of Ace’s guitars with explanatory notes, like this one on George Lynch’s site. Amp details wouldn’t hurt either. All Ace fans know the basics: Marshalls with every knob on 5 and Les Pauls with DiMarzio Super Distortions, but there has to be more: What kind of Marshalls? Which tubes? What strings? What other tricks did Ace use or does he use now?

Anyhow, a big Merry and Happy to one of the most highly influential yet somehow somewhat underrated rock guitarists ever. I’m looking forward to seeing more on More is always good!

Ace’s live solo in 1977 (sweet!)

Making of a 1988 vid (humorous)

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