Here’s the New VH Single/Vid: 50w?

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Update from a reader (thanks!): Tattoo is is based on an old song, “Down in Flames” – check it below.

“Tattoo.” Is it me or have we never heard a Van Halen tune like this before?

If Ed used his “grail” Marshall Super Lead on this album, don’t think we’re hearing it on this tune! My money’s on the 50w EVH 5150 III.

Yep, I’ll be in the 6th row, Madison Square Garden, March 1st!


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  1. Ken says:

    We have indeed heard it before–or, we’ve at least heard a version of it.

    But yeah, “Tattoo” is very different for a Van Halen song. It reminds me of some of Dave’s solo stuff, so maybe this song his his baby.

  2. Ace Steele says:

    Nice version of “Down In Flames” ! Best I’ve heard.

    As someone that saw them in the Starwood days, I hate “Tattoo”. I’m still hoping for them to drag out “Honolulu Baby” & “Lady Loose”…

    Better late than never. (and I hope Michael Anthony gets his 1/4 of the songwriting royalties from Tattoo.)

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