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Aerosmith, Skynyrd, ‘the guy with the Afro’

Not a whole lot to post here except to WATCH THESE. F-ing incredible. Seriously.

Vintage Aerosmith, Lynyrd Skynyrd and “the guy with the Afro” – Jimi. Got hipped to these vids by emails and forums (thanks much guys), just incredible.

About “the guy with the Afro.” I was jamming with a drummer in his mid-20s (born in the late ’80s), and we were trying to find some common ground. Found it amazing that as a drummer he didn’t know any Zep/Bonham….

Anyhow, he said he knew some tunes by “you know – the guy with the Afro.” I’m thinking…who? Lenny Kravitz? Sly Stone? Then it hit me: “You mean Jimi Hendrix?!”

Sho ’nuff, that’s who he meant. Was dazed for a sec, like I got hit in the head with a lawn dart.

We jammed some improvised stuff. Enjoy, fellow classic tone-heads!

Aerosmith live, Texas Jam 1978

AWESOME! I’m immediately thinking, How the heck is Joe Perry getting that fat tone out of a Tele – in 1978? The answer? A cream-colored, Tele-sized Bill Lawrence pickup in the bridge. Want!

Lynyrd Skynyrd live, Winterland 1975

Great band and – say what you want about Peavey amps – great tone. All the guitars sound different, distinct, blend well. Do I really need a Peavey Mace with SIX – count ‘em six! – 6L6 power tubes?!

Hendrix live, Stockholm 1969

Dang was that band good! Mitch Mitchell’s spur of the moment beat at around 14 mins in just kills me. I gotta jam to that….


Btw, here’s a shot of Jimi’s pedals from that vid. Looks like a Vox Wah and a Fuzz Face.


> If I can scare up one of those Lawrence pickups or have him make me a new one, will try it and report back here. Right now I have a DiMarzio Tone Zone in my Tele. Much-maligned, for some reason, probably having to do with pickup height – more later.

> How about these bands sounding huge with very little distortion. Thinking maybe preamps and preamp tube counts are overrated.

> “Ready boots? Walk on….” Allen Collins! Wooooooooohoooooooooo!

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  1. BBJ says:

    I just ordered a Bill Lawrence L500XL pickup from wildepickups (his company) and it rocks!

  2. Neal Logdahl says:

    Gotta love Perry’s left-handed Strat loaded with Bill Lawrence L-220 pickups…and those BC Riches. It looks like Perry and Whitford were still using the custom made MusicMan amp heads.

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